Wiener Sozialdienste

Leading provider of social services in Vienna

Wiener Sozialdienste (Vienna Social Services) has been providing social services for people in Vienna for more than 65 years and has thus contributed to the high quality of life in our city. The diverse range of services includes care, support, consulting and therapy facilities for elderly, ill, handicapped, socially challenged and socially vulnerable people and their families.

The association and its two subsidiaries with more than 1,300 employees work in collaboration with the city of Vienna to provide the following social services:

Wiener Sozialdienste

Diverse social services for residents of the city:

  • Visiting service
  • Mobile occupational therapy
  • Institute for couple and family therapy
  • team handwerK (team handicraft)

Elderly and general care services (Alten- und Pflegedienste)

Qualified care and support for people who are ill or in need of help:

  • Mobile services
    Home care services
    Nursing care at home
    Visiting service
  • Assisted living communities for senior citizens
  • Anton Benya geriatric centre

Furtherance and support (Förderung & Begleitung)

Individual support, integration and furtherance of handicapped children, youths and adults:

  • Living – fully and partially supported
  • HandWerk (Handicraft) – Structured daily schedule with retail shop
  • Basic special needs classes
  • Mobile early education
  • Centre for promoting development

Wiener Sozialdienste

The Vienna social services offer a diverse range of assistance such as mobile occupational therapy to provide support for people who are ill, handicapped or in need of care. It also includes psychotherapeutic support at the Institute for couple and family therapy, support for people in life crises and a visiting service as an information hub for seniors. The shop handwerKunst (craftsmanship) sells handicraft products that are solely produced in charity and social-economic enterprises.

Institute for couple and family therapy

Systemic couple and family therapy is a service offered by the institute for families, single parents, couples and singles. Our psychotherapists contribute to opening new paths for cooperation, finding alternatives, overcoming crises and revitalizing relationships.

Mobile occupational therapy

Mobile occupational therapy primarily offers therapy at home, advice for adapting the living space and consulting with regard to aid. People, who are ill, handicapped or in need of care receive a therapeutic option for making their daily life easier and thus gain the opportunity to remain in their own home for a longer period of time by making simple adaptations.

Visiting service

For their new phase in life, Vienna's seniors above the age of 65 receive free information about municipal and regional services in the health and social sphere as part of a home visit. The visiting service helps to find the right contacts for various issues and concerns.

team handwerK (handicraft team)

As a social-economic project, we offer transitional employees a fixed-term employment agreement for seven months and supportive measures for occupational integration. The goal is reintegration into the regular labour market. Our offer includes artistic and commercial painting as well as handicapped-accessible living advice and adaptation in cooperation with mobile occupational ergotherapy.

Elderly and general care services (Alten- und Pflegedienste)

Even ordinary things can become difficult with increasing age or illness. Our mobile services make it possible for many people to lead an independent life at home. Furthermore, we support our clients in assisted living communities for senior citizens and in our Anton Benya geriatric centre.

Mobile services

Home care services

Home assistants provide support with managing daily tasks (handling the laundry and clothing, preparing small meals, assisting in the household, etc.) and contribute to the feeling of security and well-being in the home environment, e.g. by helping with personal hygiene.

Nursing care at home

Professionally qualified health and nursing staff, as well as nursing assistants, provide home care and support for people who are ill and in need of help. In consultation with the client, an individual support and care plan is set up.

Visiting service

Employees in the visiting service help with administrative procedures, doctor’s visits and walks, go shopping and are partners for conversation and leisure time.

Assisted living communities for senior citizens

Assisted living communities for senior citizens are an option for elderly people who no longer want, or are able, to live alone for health or social reasons, but do not need the comprehensive care services of a nursing home.

Anton Benya geriatric centre

The centre offers support for older people who live at home and need help during the day. Diverse activities and therapeutic services facilitate making social contact and rediscovering abilities that were thought to be lost.

Furtherance and Support (Förderung & Begleitung)

We offer adults with handicaps and/or mental illnesses an extensive range of options in the area of living and occupation, with a focus on creative design. Another speciality is the furtherance of children as well as support and advice for their families. Both in early education and in our outpatient clinic for development diagnosis and therapy, as well as in basic special needs classes. Our aim is to further the individuality of a child.

Living – partially and fully assisted

In mobile support we assist adults with varying degrees of disabilities by making home visits that are regulated by team meetings to address differing social needs.

The behavioural therapy living community

The behavioural therapy living community offers young adults with neurotic or personality disorders socio-therapeutic services through a multi-professional team. In the fully assisted living community, we support eleven adults in a core building and the connected training flats with a focus on helping them recover their independence.

HandWerk – Daily schedule

The HandWerk offers adults with a handicap and/or mental illness the possibility to work creatively and artistically. This structures daily life in a manageable way and facilitates social contacts as well as social learning. Through creativity and talent, clients produce unique objects made of wood, paper, wax, felt or clay, that are then sold in our shop located at Herbststraße 21, 1160 Vienna.

Basic special support classes

Basic special support classes are a form of schooling in the regular school system for children and youths who have multiple handicaps and/or are dependent on care. To facilitate individual learning, four to five pupils are taught according to a holistic, need-based concept. Other services consist of after-school and holiday-support groups.

Mobile early education

Mobile early education is a service for development-impaired, development-vulnerable and handicapped young children and their families. The service includes pedagogic development promotion for a child on the basis of an individually prepared furtherance concept, as well as consulting and support for the family in handling the child’s developmental impairment at home.

Centre for promoting development

The centre for promoting development is a facility for children from 0-10 years of age and their families. After a comprehensive diagnosis, we offer support consultancy and therapies. Primarily, we address questions and problems that relate to the physical, mental and cognitive development of the child. Another option for families with children up to 3 years old is to use the consulting service at our outpatient clinic for screaming, sleeping and feeding disorders.